Thursday, November 27, 2008

the tree and cooking:P

so i sit up at this moment waiting for pies to finsh i thought i would share the day today, so we got up at 8 and the cooking began, well jay did most of it, i am not the big cooker on the holidays i am the one who does the cleaning but i did help with the green bean cassorole, (gross) lol, and then i made cookies, and i made little mans meal, mac and cheese cuz thats what he only loves to eat, so ya, today was a cooking day, we had thanksgiving with our family today, we had the dinner and everything, tomorrow we have to leave at like 7 and we have to visit 3 peoples houses pictures will be coming on that one, but then today we finshed the tree and it looked greated i decided on orange lights cuz i love orange and we used the stuff from last year i might get a few new bulbs but will see LOL, but the kids had a blast they were so excited it was great and i was happy, nd thats what matters, so i have pictures to share enjoy:P

Click to play Tree fun:P
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a day out shopping and the doctors

so today we went to the doctor's , well i did, i had to get my shot i was due and well i am still happy i am still at my new weight which makes me heckya happy, even the doc said i looked like i lost weight and it makes me feel great meaning i can't gain the 20 pounds back this thursday then we went shopping for the grub i am so excited :P its gonna be great, we have lots to do on thrusday, we have 3 peoples houses to go to, my parents, jays sisters, then jays aunts to go to jays brother's so ya we will be getting up earlie then getting home late, then i am going shopping on friday for the sales, well i am going to look dont know if i am gonna buy anything but i wanna look, :P so ya i have one pic thought i would share of me driving, well i was parked at the moment :P

Click to play Me driving today!
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Friday, November 21, 2008

ahh its feeling like xmas in my house :P

so i had the kids clean, to get the xmas tree up and i am so excited we got it all done but i cant put the orinmaents on it untill, i get the lights or a replacement bulb cuz one light bulb broke and i dont have one sigh. oh well i am heckya excited, and so is the kids i got a few pics but when it gets all done ill post, haha now i am heckya tired, so little man is scared of the tree and the cats think its a snack oh my its gonna be a fun xmas :P

okay gonna eat chat later ;P

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jayson's new doo

so last night i cut little mans hair, he needed it it was too long, and notted and everyone thought he was a girl, i cryed when i saw the finshed product he looks so different my little man is growing up and he is now eating more foods and feeding himself alll i am so sad, pretty soon they not gonna need me :(

okay picture time LOL:P

Click to play Jayson's new hair
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

life still goes on :P

so since taking the kids trick or treating they think they need candy like all the time, and well that's just not happeing, so ya they are hyper but oh well they are always hyper, LOL, then lets see jay had 3 days off that was so nice to spend time with him and have him home lOL, so ya, then lets see the game comes out in 2 days so i am so i am hella excited LOL, yay i can't wait and i know jay is excited to, demon will be pimped she already is LOL :P

nothing new really is going on here, um i dont know what were doing for thanksgiving , and when i find out ill right but after thanksgiving i am gonna put our tree up and i am so excited LOL :P
so ya:P

well i gotta go clean my kitchen:P

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween pics

Happy Halloween

Halloween was a blast, i had fun, the kids had fun it was great. We ended up taking the kids to the trunk or treat for mesqute then we went to a party at carla's and they got more candy, so my son ended up not being the joker but batman instead and he was sooooooooooooooooo cute and sabrina was cinderalla, following after her mom cuz i was cinderalla like 3 years go LOL :P when i worked at walmart. But little man had a blast and so did sabrina and jay had a fro and it was so cute in all it was a great halloween i couldn't be happier .... Picture time :P