Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I started this

So my friend out here in mesquite told me about this site, and now 2 hours later i have kinda figured it out. its a more of a place to express what's going on and how i feel.

so let me begin....... Last night i got no sleep thanks to my son, because he has this nasty diaper rash on his butt, he was up every hour last night screaming and I ended up waking up every hour with him trying to calm him down.

I relized that he had the diaper rash when we got home of me driving and being out... ha ha let me start on my driving....
okay so i have never had any intrest in getting my liceance but since being a mom, i need it so jay told me about 2 weeks ago that i was gonna get it. well i study my little heart out and i passed my permit test but i am like really scared of driving that truck, i seem to get a little better each day i do it, but its still nerve recking, I really wished we had a car. but who knows if i am ever gonna get one, but it will be nice if i get calm with driving, and then i pass the test and be free to go any where LOL :P

then sabrina, lets see i need to get her potty trained she is just really diffacult with it, and i seem to be failing at it, and she now has this little attitude and just doesn't want to listen and it gets really frustrating at times but i really hope it passes but from what i heard it doesn't :(.....

ahhh my days as a mom, i hope tonight is a better night:)