Sunday, January 9, 2011

the start of 2011

So the start of 2011 has been interesting nothing major really has happen other then my mom having her surgery and then having sum major set back and its been really really stressful for that. Then my son's birthday is in a few weeks so I am planing that. He will be 4 yrs old he's growing up so fast.

Then I have to take them to the doctor for there check ups and I have to get things ready for Brina to start school she will be starting this year and I am really really excited but its a lot of work to get thing ready.

And then, so far me, and the 2 kids have been sick and well thats just stinks....i have cleaned up more throw up and poop in like 2 days its unreal lol......

soooo... now I just need to get my house back in order and that would be great. lets hope it happens. lo