Wednesday, November 4, 2009

our trip

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our halloween

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Monday, November 2, 2009

that time of year again

so its that time of year where life is crazy and busy and i love it, we had halloween and had our annviersary and ill be sharing the pics from the fun we had i hope you all enjoy!

this is our pumpkin carving!~

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Friday, October 30, 2009

reopen my blog

so i reopen my blog and deleted somethings that didnt need to be read i feel better now and there is no need for them to be on here :P so i am getting ready for tomorrow and i have lots to do :(

Friday, October 23, 2009

frustrated and thoughts on things

You this week lots of things have frustrated me, from home life to my kids, but i let it go, somethings i just dont understand anymore, and it frustrated me, i mean how many times must u tell a kid to pee in the potty its like talking to a brick wall, and i am to my witts end with him, sabrina is doing good she is sleeping and not peeing in her bed and i am so proud of her it makes me happy and thats what i need right now, i mean after all this frustrating crap stuff like that makes me happy and stuff like this is what being a mom is all about.

so halloween is coming up and i am excited to a point, i mean i havent even started thinking about it yet adn what i am going to do, i will be married 4 years on halloween and i am happy about that and i dont think were doing anything since its halloween and we will be doing the day for the kids but oh well thats how it goes....

then after halloween i have my driving test and well i hope i pass i know it will make lots of people happy but mainly it will make me happy its what i need, its what i want, and i hope i can pass damnit i know i fucking can i just hate our truck but if i think of it as a escalade it will be great.

My dad seems to be doing okay with the lost of his daughter he dont really want to talk about it and i dont blame him i dont talk about it either its not my place, but other then that i am fine. nothing is going on, i had fun at fright dome i had fun speading the day with hubby need more of them, want more of them wish for of them but oh well, it was also very upsetting, i mean they say all this saw crap and and there was one thing,but i did see micheal myers and that was cool he was tall but still scary. and i cryed on the chaos cuz I HATE that ride but i was more worried about hubby i seem to worrie about others more then myself but thats how i am. but i had fun but not wortht the money could have bough something else.

anyways i have been depressed lately mainly personal issues i have with myself but oh well ill deal with them i always do, i thinik if i get my liceance ill go to the gym, might as well feel hot again, need that feeling havent felt that in a while but oh well, i mean i liked to be back to the size i was in school, i will say i was pretty smoken back then HAHAHA .. ya anyways moving on.....

so brina birthday is coming up soon and i dont know what i want to get her, i know that if i get my licance i want to put her in dance class and maybe go back to school or do online school so i am more then just a mom, and have something else behind me, i think being a party planner/wedding planner would be cool, or being a nurse might be fun but ihate needles so no, but who knows havent thought of it much, but this year is almost over and there has been lots of deaths and i hope next year is better and i hope to have a car and licance to go room room, well i better go i have a headache,


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

lots going on

Well were finally get back to normal after all the deaths we have had, we had hubby's sister, my sister then hubbys mom. but were finally get passed and doing normal things, first off, hubby and i had a date night we went to fright dome i was so excited it was saw themed well, we got there and guess what, it wasnt worth it there was only one saw thing, so i was sad, but i had fun being scared and riding the rides it was a good night not having the kids, then i got my permit re instated and guess what i take my test next month on the 23 at 2:00 i am so scared but everyone says i can do it and i know i can, so then, we also have halloween in 2 weeks and hubby and i will be married 4 years yay. i am excited about that man life has been crazy and really busy the last month and its not gonna settled down untill april LOL..

well thought i would update its been a while its cuz i forgot my password LOL and with everything going on its been hard to keep up but ill up date more i promise.

anyways better go.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

sad day yesterday

so yesterday we woke up to upsetting voice mails that hubbys sister was in the hospital and they thought she was brain dead well we left went to the hossy adn turned out we were there all day, adn well it was true after doing a test to make sure, it was very sad and the family decieded in her best to let her go so she passed at 6:53 last night we all said our goodbyes, i couldnt stop crying, i felt horrble and i was trying to be there for hubby, but i was really upset. i felt just so bad, so now eveyrone is going to plan her funneral and we will be having in a few days. but i am still sad, but i wantedt up date on whats been going on.

R.I.P Crystal

Monday, July 20, 2009

monster truck day

so today we took the kids to this event to help sick kids nad we rode this monster truck bus and omg it was freaking fun check out the pics

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beach fun on 4th of july

so on the 4th of july we went to the beach while one vacation heres all of our fun :P

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

anime expo 2009

so in june 30-july 6 we were on vacation, here is a recap ouf our anime expo trip enjoy :P

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

very sick

so later i will blog about my trip, but right now i want to write about whats going on, few days ago i woke up not able to hear or and have trouble breathing and coughting and i thought it was bronchitis well sabrina got sick too and jay said he didnt feel well either, we wel all went to the the quick care in vegas and that was fun and 1/2 took forever, jay was getting sick so they have him meds to stop it, sabrina has the flew and a ear infection and i am the worst of it, i have a breathing issue that they said that the doc in mesquite should have cought it and gave me a inhaler for it, they said i have asahma, adn that thats why when ever i cough it hurts my chest and turns into broncthits, they said that i was haveing issues breathing in the place so they have me 3 meds, and a treatment cuz they were worried i am on 3 bottles of meds and a inhaler so i now have to find a doctor to make sure i get this checked out, i feel like crap, i cant hear, barely talk and my chest is killing me, oh ya they also told me on top of all this breathing crap i have the flu, lucky me, little man is getting sick now but i am giving him meds and he is getting better, sabrina is getting better, jay is sick, and i am worst, i hate this i hate being sick i just freaking sucks, but now i am worried with this breathing stuff, sigh what to do :(

Monday, June 15, 2009

my old and new hair

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so a long time ago my parents got my kids a jumparoo for xmas and i never blew it up well since we have this house i did and this is what it looks like :P

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our bowling adventure

after being in vegas a few weeks we had a bowling and swimming day with family heres sum pics

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my kiddies

so we did little mans hair he has a mohawk now, and sabrina is still sabrina he is some pics of them sleeping and his new hair

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

memorial day pics

okay so iam behind but i have lots going on, but on memorial day we went to ceasar's palace form shops and then we went to the cheese cake factory mmm mmm good heres sum pics!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

my challenge

so starting tomorrow or sum time this week i am planning on potty training both of my kids at the same time, i bought little man a potty today and sabrina has hers but i forgot to get little man boy panties so now i have to have jay get him sum tomorrow with my cereal, and then i have get down to it, i have a feeling little man will use it before her, and well it should be interesting. so i will keep you all up todate LOL
other then that evertything is good, cuz my hair, and i love it, um getting use to jays long hours, we bought a grill so i gotta get use to that too. lol
anyways i am gonna go,talk toyou all later.

Friday, May 15, 2009

well hello from vegas

well we moved, we got this great house its a 4 bedroom, 3 full bathroom, 2 story, 2 car garage, i love my house, i love its area, but its been a stressful move, i mean we moved in like one day, and then we have to keep going back up to get stuff but i am glad to be hear, and i am at the moment taking a break i have been opeing and unpacking and moving for days now nad i need a break... so i wanted to stop by and leave a note so you all know whats going on :P
talk to u soon

Monday, April 27, 2009

got hella good news

Well its been really crazy the last few weeks and its going to get more crazy, lets see i was really sick which sucked that hubby had to take time off to help watch the kids and i had to go to the doc it was so bad, then hubby has been trying to get this manager postion thats is in vegas with sams club and we was doing well with all the interviews but guess what..............................
HE GOT THE JOB, meanig that i am moving back to vegas in less then 2 weeks, so he is down there today find crap about and meatign everyone in his new store, and finding a place and i really hope he finds a house i really want one and he knows it damnit i deserve one. so ya. i am excited he is finding out today if we have to be in vegas in 2 weeks, or if he has to work 2 weeks here then we move but i think we have to be there in 2 weeks, then starting today at 7 am, they are fixing all kinds of crap in my condo, adn tearing holes in my walls, so there is plastic on my carpets and were living in a bubble. so ya... then if we have to pack thru all this its going to be insane but its all worth it, cuz we get to go back to vegas, dont get me wrong i like mesquite, but they need more here, and i ill be closer to shops and stores and my friends and if we get a house ill be super happy and i wont stress as much and its a good things, but i hope hubby can handle it all but i know he can he is really good at what he does and i am so proud of him that he was able to get his job i new he could i believe in him and its a great thing:P
i love him so much and i am so happy but yet stressed at the same time but in due time ill be back in vegas in my new home, and ill be happy:P
ill keep everyone posted to let everyone know whats going on so you all are updated :P

Sunday, March 29, 2009

been sick for 2 weeks now

so for 2 weeks now i have been really sick and i can't seme to shake it, i keep losing my voice, and coughing and my nose hurts and so on, i am tired and i want this go leave my bodie, its making it hard to do normal things when you feel like crap, i am taking cold meds but they dont seeming to be working so who knows lol, anyways i thought i would keep you all updated, jay had a interview with this company and so far it went really well, and he has to have like 2 more interviews before he finds out that if he got the job or not, and if he did that means were moving back to vegas, lol. but thats all been said before so now its a wait and see.
anyways, like next month, they coming into our condo for 5 days to tare holes in the walls and fix things that are broken so this should be fun, and exciting not.... anyways i am gonna go, ill write later

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

recent pics of the kiddies :P

heres some recent pics of my kids hope you all enjoy :P

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playdate at the park

So the kids and i had at playdate at the park, and it was fun, katie was there with her son, but it was hella windy LOL, but heres the picks of our day at the park. enjoy

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about our cats

So we had to give louie back, he ended up peeing on me again and we took him to the vet and they said that he was just unhappy in our home, makes me sad cuz he never had a problem them it just happen, misty didnt want him around either she was always a scary cat around him never played never came out, now she is always out always looking for love, and is happy. I hope louie gets a better home, and enjoys it ill always care for louie :P
but heres some pics of my pretty kitty misty :P

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Katie is here

hey there everyone well lets see, katie is still here, and she leaves sunday and it will be sad when she goes, i like having her here, makes me want to live closer to her in vegas, well i just wanted to try something out, and see if it work ill write later :P

Friday, February 27, 2009

little man hair

little man has new hair, so here is his before and after

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pics of kids on v-day

so i got sum pics of litle man being smily and sabrina eating candy on v-day !

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jayson 2nd birthday pics

On jan 25th little man has has 2nd birthday at peter piper pizza with my friends and there kids and some family!.... heres the pictures

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sigh just dont know what to do with louie

so i have my cat louie he went missing for a month a while ago and we got him back, before he was gone he was peeing on stuff, well we took him to the doc and they said that he is unhappy with where he lives, so it made me sad, cuz i dont see why he would, so i give him the meds for his acane, and then i sprayed the happy stuff, and did the order stuff, well, i thought everything was good and that he was happy, well, this morning at 4:30 i woke up soaking wet and when i got up and smelled it, he had peed on me while i was sleeping, so i had to shower, and i cant go back to sleep cuz theres pee on myside of the bed and my blanket, so i am up, mad, and frustrated, and i am thinking he has to go, let him find a better home, i am also mad and that might be the feelings talking, but he has to go, i cant have him keep doing this. but whats make me sad is that sabrina loves him and i just dont know what to say sigh!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

i got my dell

so after a long wait my dell arrived and i am so happy its great i only have one problem and thats with my game bored but ill figure it out in do time and over all its so pretty, so quiet, so fast and i freakin love it :P i could never be happier and its a blast :P anyways i am downloading stuff and i thought i would just stop and write you all a little note, ill write again soon, talk to you all later

Saturday, February 21, 2009

its due here next week yay

so i was really upset to find out that my new computer wasnt going to be shipped untill march 3rd, i wanted to cry, but, jay got an email saying that its shipped and i did some reasrch and i will be getting it hopefully wensday, and i just can't wait, thats also going to be one interesting day, hubby has to work and was have to go to st. george to get sarbina's cast off, so thats goign to be fun cuz i dont think sabrina's arm is going to be fully healed and that will suck if she re brakes it LOL. so then we have to make sure i am home to watch out for the fedx package ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I CAN"T WAIT, i want it now, i have gotten use to jays screen but i want my own computer so i can have it the way i want can go on when i want and do what i want LOL i am so selfish huh LOL nawwwwwwwwwwwww LOL :P ill write again probably after i get my new one toy :P cuz i have lots of blogs to write about parties, holidays and more :P


Monday, February 16, 2009

Well this stinks my computer

Well this stinks my computer wont ship untill march 3rd how gay. I am sad now. Got me really sad. Sigh.

behind on post

So i am behind on post what else is new, i have had a lot going on and i just havent really wanted to type it on here on hubbys computer but i got good news. I am getting a dell and it should here in a week then i can write all my past blogs. upload all my past pictures from partyies. and i just cant wait so be warn, blogs will be coming in the next week to week and a 1/2 so be ready :P

Monday, January 19, 2009

So this is gay my

So this is gay my computer broke and wont get a new one untill next month. I am dying. Sigh. Iam so stressed.