Sunday, March 29, 2009

been sick for 2 weeks now

so for 2 weeks now i have been really sick and i can't seme to shake it, i keep losing my voice, and coughing and my nose hurts and so on, i am tired and i want this go leave my bodie, its making it hard to do normal things when you feel like crap, i am taking cold meds but they dont seeming to be working so who knows lol, anyways i thought i would keep you all updated, jay had a interview with this company and so far it went really well, and he has to have like 2 more interviews before he finds out that if he got the job or not, and if he did that means were moving back to vegas, lol. but thats all been said before so now its a wait and see.
anyways, like next month, they coming into our condo for 5 days to tare holes in the walls and fix things that are broken so this should be fun, and exciting not.... anyways i am gonna go, ill write later


Alma-Zulema said...

Oh, that's terrible! Hope you feel better soon. *hug*