Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Headache.... I am seeming to

I am seeming to have a huge headache today when i dont want to. Its the holiday time but i just feel crappy .. I wish i was happy.

Test *Jessica*


Thursday, December 2, 2010

life is life

So lets see the holidays are a pone us know... we had Thanksgiving. and that was a very good day.. it was good food and i made a home aide cheesecake. and Jay made a really good dinner. and it was awesome. we only had his aunt and cousin over but it was still nice..

then before that i had painted a garage for the first time and that came out really really nice and i am happy i did it for his aunt and was able to help her out.

So Brina lost her first tooth. she lost it a couple of days ago and the tooth fairy came and she was super excited but i am glad she is growing up...

so this year we decided to something different and we decided to get a real Christmas tree then a fake and i have to say it was really nice to see the look on the kids faces to see how happy they were to picked it out and its exciting to have it here in our house but it smells so pine-y but its good......

Brina's birthday is less then 11 days away and i have to start planing that and see what i can do for that. she will be 5 yrs old and my daughter is growing up so fast but is also turning into a diva herself. LOL.... but she gets her little attitude from me ha ha but its all good. :P

anyways... i am just sitting here relaxing the kids are in bed and hubby wont be home for a few hours due to sum training class he had to take so its nice to have me time. i never get to have it but guess what i am kinda bored HA-HA... its so quiet and the tree is so pretty to look at but... I just don't know whats troubling me. why i am feeling down or so blue. i wish i new what was really bugging me but one wont know.. i mean this year is almost over and we have been thru a lot. and i sit and wonder what will next year have in store for us. what will come or be put in our way! you know? is it bad that i sit and wonder that? I also wonder what will happen with relationships new and old and friends i have new and old. and i also just wonder what will happen to my life and Sabrina, and Jase and my parents since right now they going thru sum tough stuff with there health and what not.. but if i sit here stressing about stuff that hasn't happen or will happen i will only give myself Grey hairs and nothing will come of it!

well i think a good book and bath is calling my name... i need it after everything that has been going on with miss diva and my parents until i write again.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

what a shitty day

So i have learned that people and family can piss me off..... today was suppose to be a great day...but then turn shitty when my kids had there feelings hurt when they didn't get to do what they wanted today....but its okay but I talked to my dad i guess. i got it straighten out but who knows but i am glad I i was able to do things to make them happy today and spend time with them and see there little smiles again, i never new how bad it would hurt my heart to see them sad... I dont like seeing them upset.. then its turns out that jay had... a shitty day.. all together... we all had a crappy day and i hope that every one has a better day and a good night sleep tonight and tomorrow rocks but one will never know....

lets see shall we....

until tomorrow....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Laundry song i love it

this is so funny.

laundry.. and why?

Okay so I wake up this morning and was suppose to go to the library to do story time and well that didn't happen my throat and chest was killing me and the whole potty thing is starting again. maybe i am dying sigh....

then today is laundry day and it seems it will never end its driving me nuts. sigh.. it just keeps going and going... lol but its part of being and mom and i love it...

i just hate doing this crap when i dont feel good at least the kids are sleeping and i can do it in peace and not have them bugging me... lol...

only one weill know if i ever feel better. Sigh.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ahh the old days :P love this song.Shallow Day -TWILIGHT (what have you done to my wife?)

this is a awesome song i love it :P brings up memories :P

hmmm? why must we be so sick

So i am tired of us being sick. its like me and the kids and whole family cant stop being sick and it sucks i mean i don't mind if i am sick. but i hate when the whole family is.. It just brings me down and I get backed up on things that need to be done.

So lots have been going on since i last wrote other then me being sick. My grandmother died. that was tough. i went to Cali to see everyone and the funeral and it was a great time glad i went and everyone got to meet my family. i was scared but its over. my dad is doing okay.

My mom's health is going down hill. she might have cancer and if she does that will be hard to deal with.. even tho i know i get mad at her. and frustrated. she is still my mom.. so i have been dealing with that.....

umm... nothing other then that.. friends.. well lets say i don't have any anymore. i am tired of being friends when people want me to be. everyone seems to be "to busy" is what everyone tells me but i know thats shit cuz they hang out with others but its okay i dont care really... anyways gonna go...
ill write later...


Saturday, July 10, 2010

A word from our Sponsors AMV2010

this is the best AMV from our vacation i love the song come on you know you wanna dance :P

vacation 2010

some of the pictures from our trip

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been busy

Well i seem to be getting busier and busier. First off we has our vacation which turned into a epic failure that we ended up coming home early which really sucked. The convention wasn't the best this year. and then the guys we were with were crying like little babies that ruined the whole trip for me.. but little man dressed up this year and that was awesome he looked so cute and his moment of fame he needed it cuz Brina is always in the spot light. Then lets see i had my birthday on the 8th. I am 25 now.. joy. lol.... I had a wonder date with jay and I loved it. My mother's day gift is finally coming today. its also part of my birthday present. My 7 piece sectional couch is coming today and i should be getting ready for it instead i am on here LOL...

gonna go will write later

Thursday, May 13, 2010

new start

So this week has been stressful. Everything went well with my surgery and i am glad that i no longer have headaches its a nice relief. .... but Monday we are moving and that its stressful but were having people move us so that's is gonna make it easier. I am also excited i got my mothers day gifts which is a 7 piece sectional couch it will be here in 4 weeks so i cant wait. Today i have to go run arr-ens and go shopping get the mail change and what not so that will be fun... but ya... i am back to making tags again and i am loving it :P its great...

well i gotta go

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have learned that people change. some for the good some for the worst. i am tired of the people here in Vegas. iam tired of my so called friends. or the people who are dying to be my friends just plain getting on my nerves. i am tired of the smile in you face one minute. you don't exist the next minute,i am tired of the texts here and there and then nothing. or text me bitching how i am not the friend i should be. DAMNIT back off. i am only one person. iam me. i am annoyed. i am angry. i am frankly finding new people to talk to. i am deleting my phone contacts. and friend list and starting over. people here are shit. so you want to treat me like shit ill treat you like shit. let see who will win.

now to thos who i am not angry with. don't take this to heart. don't think i am aiming this at u. if you do then your a fuckin retard. cuz unless i say your name its not about you....... so if i get a text from anyone saying this was about them i am frankly deleting it....

i am really annoyed. hurt. and angry...

not the day..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

been a while because i forgot my password.

Hahah well all goes to show you should write everything down. were doing great. things are great. life is stressful. we are in the process of looking for a new car. were also doing somethings with legal matters, about our condo. i am having surgery in april. then were also got to do our cellphones. and then we are also gonna be moving since our lease is almost up and i want a one story house and then next week were going to cali for a few days I am so excited. then i watch my friends daughter a few times a week so i am always busy and gone .... and never ending or stoping but its the part of life LOL... just wish i could sleep in one day lol.