Tuesday, September 28, 2010

hmmm? why must we be so sick

So i am tired of us being sick. its like me and the kids and whole family cant stop being sick and it sucks i mean i don't mind if i am sick. but i hate when the whole family is.. It just brings me down and I get backed up on things that need to be done.

So lots have been going on since i last wrote other then me being sick. My grandmother died. that was tough. i went to Cali to see everyone and the funeral and it was a great time glad i went and everyone got to meet my family. i was scared but its over. my dad is doing okay.

My mom's health is going down hill. she might have cancer and if she does that will be hard to deal with.. even tho i know i get mad at her. and frustrated. she is still my mom.. so i have been dealing with that.....

umm... nothing other then that.. friends.. well lets say i don't have any anymore. i am tired of being friends when people want me to be. everyone seems to be "to busy" is what everyone tells me but i know thats shit cuz they hang out with others but its okay i dont care really... anyways gonna go...
ill write later...