Friday, February 27, 2009

little man hair

little man has new hair, so here is his before and after

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pics of kids on v-day

so i got sum pics of litle man being smily and sabrina eating candy on v-day !

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jayson 2nd birthday pics

On jan 25th little man has has 2nd birthday at peter piper pizza with my friends and there kids and some family!.... heres the pictures

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sigh just dont know what to do with louie

so i have my cat louie he went missing for a month a while ago and we got him back, before he was gone he was peeing on stuff, well we took him to the doc and they said that he is unhappy with where he lives, so it made me sad, cuz i dont see why he would, so i give him the meds for his acane, and then i sprayed the happy stuff, and did the order stuff, well, i thought everything was good and that he was happy, well, this morning at 4:30 i woke up soaking wet and when i got up and smelled it, he had peed on me while i was sleeping, so i had to shower, and i cant go back to sleep cuz theres pee on myside of the bed and my blanket, so i am up, mad, and frustrated, and i am thinking he has to go, let him find a better home, i am also mad and that might be the feelings talking, but he has to go, i cant have him keep doing this. but whats make me sad is that sabrina loves him and i just dont know what to say sigh!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

i got my dell

so after a long wait my dell arrived and i am so happy its great i only have one problem and thats with my game bored but ill figure it out in do time and over all its so pretty, so quiet, so fast and i freakin love it :P i could never be happier and its a blast :P anyways i am downloading stuff and i thought i would just stop and write you all a little note, ill write again soon, talk to you all later

Saturday, February 21, 2009

its due here next week yay

so i was really upset to find out that my new computer wasnt going to be shipped untill march 3rd, i wanted to cry, but, jay got an email saying that its shipped and i did some reasrch and i will be getting it hopefully wensday, and i just can't wait, thats also going to be one interesting day, hubby has to work and was have to go to st. george to get sarbina's cast off, so thats goign to be fun cuz i dont think sabrina's arm is going to be fully healed and that will suck if she re brakes it LOL. so then we have to make sure i am home to watch out for the fedx package ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I CAN"T WAIT, i want it now, i have gotten use to jays screen but i want my own computer so i can have it the way i want can go on when i want and do what i want LOL i am so selfish huh LOL nawwwwwwwwwwwww LOL :P ill write again probably after i get my new one toy :P cuz i have lots of blogs to write about parties, holidays and more :P


Monday, February 16, 2009

Well this stinks my computer

Well this stinks my computer wont ship untill march 3rd how gay. I am sad now. Got me really sad. Sigh.

behind on post

So i am behind on post what else is new, i have had a lot going on and i just havent really wanted to type it on here on hubbys computer but i got good news. I am getting a dell and it should here in a week then i can write all my past blogs. upload all my past pictures from partyies. and i just cant wait so be warn, blogs will be coming in the next week to week and a 1/2 so be ready :P