Saturday, February 21, 2009

its due here next week yay

so i was really upset to find out that my new computer wasnt going to be shipped untill march 3rd, i wanted to cry, but, jay got an email saying that its shipped and i did some reasrch and i will be getting it hopefully wensday, and i just can't wait, thats also going to be one interesting day, hubby has to work and was have to go to st. george to get sarbina's cast off, so thats goign to be fun cuz i dont think sabrina's arm is going to be fully healed and that will suck if she re brakes it LOL. so then we have to make sure i am home to watch out for the fedx package ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I CAN"T WAIT, i want it now, i have gotten use to jays screen but i want my own computer so i can have it the way i want can go on when i want and do what i want LOL i am so selfish huh LOL nawwwwwwwwwwwww LOL :P ill write again probably after i get my new one toy :P cuz i have lots of blogs to write about parties, holidays and more :P



Rick and Alma said...

Woohoo! Happy for you! Can't wait to hear more. OMG, but what happened to ur lil girl? :( Did I miss a blog entry about it? I'll have to check...

Mommie said...

no i havent posted about it yet since having no computer for a while i havent really been on but since i have my new one ia m going to do a update, she was jumping on our bed and fell off and broke her arm :(