Friday, February 27, 2009

sigh just dont know what to do with louie

so i have my cat louie he went missing for a month a while ago and we got him back, before he was gone he was peeing on stuff, well we took him to the doc and they said that he is unhappy with where he lives, so it made me sad, cuz i dont see why he would, so i give him the meds for his acane, and then i sprayed the happy stuff, and did the order stuff, well, i thought everything was good and that he was happy, well, this morning at 4:30 i woke up soaking wet and when i got up and smelled it, he had peed on me while i was sleeping, so i had to shower, and i cant go back to sleep cuz theres pee on myside of the bed and my blanket, so i am up, mad, and frustrated, and i am thinking he has to go, let him find a better home, i am also mad and that might be the feelings talking, but he has to go, i cant have him keep doing this. but whats make me sad is that sabrina loves him and i just dont know what to say sigh!


Alma-Zulema said...

Awww! :( It's really hard to let a pet go, but sometimes it's for the best. I had 4 dogs & had to send 1 over to my Dad's. He loves the individual attention he gets there and he seems happier. I still buy his food and treats and go visit him every chance I get. :) Maybe you should find a new family for your cat, too. I'm sure with time Sabrina will get used it. *hugs*