Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Headache.... I am seeming to

I am seeming to have a huge headache today when i dont want to. Its the holiday time but i just feel crappy .. I wish i was happy.

Test *Jessica*


Thursday, December 2, 2010

life is life

So lets see the holidays are a pone us know... we had Thanksgiving. and that was a very good day.. it was good food and i made a home aide cheesecake. and Jay made a really good dinner. and it was awesome. we only had his aunt and cousin over but it was still nice..

then before that i had painted a garage for the first time and that came out really really nice and i am happy i did it for his aunt and was able to help her out.

So Brina lost her first tooth. she lost it a couple of days ago and the tooth fairy came and she was super excited but i am glad she is growing up...

so this year we decided to something different and we decided to get a real Christmas tree then a fake and i have to say it was really nice to see the look on the kids faces to see how happy they were to picked it out and its exciting to have it here in our house but it smells so pine-y but its good......

Brina's birthday is less then 11 days away and i have to start planing that and see what i can do for that. she will be 5 yrs old and my daughter is growing up so fast but is also turning into a diva herself. LOL.... but she gets her little attitude from me ha ha but its all good. :P

anyways... i am just sitting here relaxing the kids are in bed and hubby wont be home for a few hours due to sum training class he had to take so its nice to have me time. i never get to have it but guess what i am kinda bored HA-HA... its so quiet and the tree is so pretty to look at but... I just don't know whats troubling me. why i am feeling down or so blue. i wish i new what was really bugging me but one wont know.. i mean this year is almost over and we have been thru a lot. and i sit and wonder what will next year have in store for us. what will come or be put in our way! you know? is it bad that i sit and wonder that? I also wonder what will happen with relationships new and old and friends i have new and old. and i also just wonder what will happen to my life and Sabrina, and Jase and my parents since right now they going thru sum tough stuff with there health and what not.. but if i sit here stressing about stuff that hasn't happen or will happen i will only give myself Grey hairs and nothing will come of it!

well i think a good book and bath is calling my name... i need it after everything that has been going on with miss diva and my parents until i write again.