Friday, December 19, 2008

our xmas photos

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Sabrina's third birthday

So on dec 13th Sabrina had her 3rd birthday at mcdonalds fun land :P and she had a blast even tho the weather was horrbile, people came and it was fun, thanks to all that showed it means a lot:P she loved having you all there :P heres some pictures from the night :P

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Monday, December 8, 2008

so today we have had

so today we have had a few meltdowns with little man. And i cant wait for jay to come home. I am getting where things that make me happy are not.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I am kinda calming down

I am kinda calming down i wish jay was here but thank god they going to bed.

Haha success. It worked. Thank

Haha success. It worked. Thank god. I dont think i could take much more cause i had a meltdown. Little man really got to me.

So they said you could

So they said you could Blog from your phone. So i am trying it out. Lets hope this works. Lol:)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Invite to sabrina's party!~

for all my friends who i dont have address or wont see to give an invite too heres a invite to brina's party :P

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So our tree now looks so pretty it has lights that blink lights that dont a blinking star its just so pretty i love it :P it was hell to put up but it was worth it :P

our tree doesnt look so sad anymore

So yesterday we got sum stuff for brina for her b-day, and we got more stuff the treea and now our tree looks even better even tho i almost made me go gray putting the lights on lol, yes we added more lights and we got a star its so cool :O i am excited so ill take pictures later after we have our mini power outage for god nows what LOL., but ya, today hasent started out well, little man wont leave the tree alone and had been driving me nuts so ya, i dont know what i am gonna do when the power goes out, so ya, :P
well i am gonna goo ill write and post pics later tonight :P

Monday, December 1, 2008

our tree and being bored

So last night i was bored and took sums picks while hubby was gone sabrina and i were bored so i though i would share, little man was sleeping but i added one of him too :P

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

the tree and cooking:P

so i sit up at this moment waiting for pies to finsh i thought i would share the day today, so we got up at 8 and the cooking began, well jay did most of it, i am not the big cooker on the holidays i am the one who does the cleaning but i did help with the green bean cassorole, (gross) lol, and then i made cookies, and i made little mans meal, mac and cheese cuz thats what he only loves to eat, so ya, today was a cooking day, we had thanksgiving with our family today, we had the dinner and everything, tomorrow we have to leave at like 7 and we have to visit 3 peoples houses pictures will be coming on that one, but then today we finshed the tree and it looked greated i decided on orange lights cuz i love orange and we used the stuff from last year i might get a few new bulbs but will see LOL, but the kids had a blast they were so excited it was great and i was happy, nd thats what matters, so i have pictures to share enjoy:P

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a day out shopping and the doctors

so today we went to the doctor's , well i did, i had to get my shot i was due and well i am still happy i am still at my new weight which makes me heckya happy, even the doc said i looked like i lost weight and it makes me feel great meaning i can't gain the 20 pounds back this thursday then we went shopping for the grub i am so excited :P its gonna be great, we have lots to do on thrusday, we have 3 peoples houses to go to, my parents, jays sisters, then jays aunts to go to jays brother's so ya we will be getting up earlie then getting home late, then i am going shopping on friday for the sales, well i am going to look dont know if i am gonna buy anything but i wanna look, :P so ya i have one pic thought i would share of me driving, well i was parked at the moment :P

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Friday, November 21, 2008

ahh its feeling like xmas in my house :P

so i had the kids clean, to get the xmas tree up and i am so excited we got it all done but i cant put the orinmaents on it untill, i get the lights or a replacement bulb cuz one light bulb broke and i dont have one sigh. oh well i am heckya excited, and so is the kids i got a few pics but when it gets all done ill post, haha now i am heckya tired, so little man is scared of the tree and the cats think its a snack oh my its gonna be a fun xmas :P

okay gonna eat chat later ;P

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jayson's new doo

so last night i cut little mans hair, he needed it it was too long, and notted and everyone thought he was a girl, i cryed when i saw the finshed product he looks so different my little man is growing up and he is now eating more foods and feeding himself alll i am so sad, pretty soon they not gonna need me :(

okay picture time LOL:P

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

life still goes on :P

so since taking the kids trick or treating they think they need candy like all the time, and well that's just not happeing, so ya they are hyper but oh well they are always hyper, LOL, then lets see jay had 3 days off that was so nice to spend time with him and have him home lOL, so ya, then lets see the game comes out in 2 days so i am so i am hella excited LOL, yay i can't wait and i know jay is excited to, demon will be pimped she already is LOL :P

nothing new really is going on here, um i dont know what were doing for thanksgiving , and when i find out ill right but after thanksgiving i am gonna put our tree up and i am so excited LOL :P
so ya:P

well i gotta go clean my kitchen:P

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween pics

Happy Halloween

Halloween was a blast, i had fun, the kids had fun it was great. We ended up taking the kids to the trunk or treat for mesqute then we went to a party at carla's and they got more candy, so my son ended up not being the joker but batman instead and he was sooooooooooooooooo cute and sabrina was cinderalla, following after her mom cuz i was cinderalla like 3 years go LOL :P when i worked at walmart. But little man had a blast and so did sabrina and jay had a fro and it was so cute in all it was a great halloween i couldn't be happier .... Picture time :P

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

day 2 of giving meds

so i have came to the conclusion that my son is the most diffcult patient in the world you have to hold him down hold his legs and his arms grab his face and shove the meds in there trust me i have got a wait to do it LOL. i feel bad everytime i have to do it, so ya. but it has to be done. so he wont poop for the pooie test hes like holding it in now, sabrina still has dihrahha, so i dont know, and well i am not worried cuz i know she will get better i hope,

today is jays friday, i am excited he is off for a few days for halloween and our special day tomorrow i have to go grocery shopping so that will be fun :P lol
i think i am gonna get there costumes tomorrow too :P i can't wait for halloween :P hehe i am hecka excited thats cuz i am probably getting all there candy ,.....

so guess what, i lost 2o pounds i am no longer in the 200's i am hecka excited, and i want to make it back to my weight in high school/ before i had sabrina which was 148 so thats my goal
only 50 punds to go.. LOL i think i can do it, then ill be hot again lol not like i am not hot now :P i am so excited :P heheh i wanna be skinny again so i can wear hot mamma stuff :P then ill feel good about my self at the moment i feel really good for losing weight, kinda wanna go cloths shopping :P

so ya i had to share that news, haha everyone ask whats my plan, wanna know, one meal a day LOL, and lots of water to fill you up, i only really eat dinner, some days i have to eat more then once, cuz i get dizzys and headaches but hey if its working i am not complaing is not like i dont eat i forget to eat LOL, ill feed the kids, clean, play wow, and i just forget LOL.

so jay is really sick now, i new that was going to happen cuz we are really sick and no matter who you are if were sick in this house and your hear your gonna get it, lol, so ya, hes taking meds trying to feel better, my chest is still killing me and i am really tired and my nose and head hurt man i hate being sick but the knock out pills are great to take at night slept the whole night didnt even hear little man crying LOL i was tired, hehe but i needed it i have been up with them the last couple of nights for like 3 nights untill 3 in the morning so i needed sleep, so ya, ....

little man doesnt have his temp anymore he just really has a bad cough same with sabrina but she also has dihrahha, so i hope they get better soon, they still really cranky kids but i dont blame them i am cranky to when i dont feel good but i still have to keep going to take care of them so ya,

anyways i am gonna go for a while i write later

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

to the doctors we went

So i ended up having to make appointments for me and the kids and well that was fun fun, we went today, first off they made mine at 8 in the morning so i get up early we go, and they tell me that i missed my appointment cuz the craphead over there made it for yesterday and i was like no, why would i make my kids today and mine yesterday so i ended up having a appointment at 10 and they took the kids at 11, well turns out that i have bronchitis again, and then the kids, well she said they have a virus, but she doesn't know what it is, so she gave us a antibothic , but tells us not to give it to them untill i do this poopie test, what a mother will do for her kids, LOL, and then she said they cant have juice with sugar, no milk, they have to take children diamatapp, and then they have to drink just pedilight cuz they have really bad diharrha, so its been fun here, and this doc is just way to extreame for me, i think she is trying to just rack up our bills i mean why give us meds that we can't give to the kids and the kids are getting worst not better, and my chest is hurting like mad, and now jay is sick , man i hate it it just really sucks but theres nothing i can do its gonna happen and oh well its okay,

so my mom didnt get that job she thought she was getting and well she is very sad about it i could tell in her voice today when she called me to tell me and to ask how the kids are doing but ya, i feel for her,

so sabrina is 29 1/2 pounds and 37 inches tall, she is hella tall and skinny and little man is 25 pounds and 34 inches tall he is following behind his sister LOL, so ya i am gonna go take my knock out meds and go to bed i have a long day of cleaning and trying to get the kids well i have to give them the 2 meds 3 times a day and the one i cant get on me or ill get sick cuz i am allergic to gotta love the pink crap in the bottle that heals everything LOL, well everything that doesnt involve me taking it, LOL,....... so halloween is in like 3 days i am excited we havent gotten costumes yet but we will, so ya i ll have pics of that to post, so ya ill write later


Sunday, October 26, 2008

one day can tun into a diaster

so, when i went down to visit katie it seemed like the kids got sick, little man was running a 103 fever then it finally broke then sabrina got sick and it lasted for 2 days and she was better well tonight was zoa's birtheday party(pam and shaun's daughter) and sabrina was feeling great before she left she was cranky cuz she got a crappy nap but she wasn't sick at all, well, she went to the party, and she i guess had a blast but as soon as she come home she turned for the worst, i mean, she is coughing, and having trouble breathing, and she is in pain, and her temp shot up its got me scared, and then jay has to be gone for 2 days so i hope she gets better, i am really worried about her, she is finally sleeping on the couch, i dont get it, she was fine, happy not sick at all be fore she left and now she looks bad, really bad to where i am scared and she crys of pain and thats got me worried so i do what any mother would do i sit up and watch to make sure she is calm, and okay, i want nothing happening to her, i am just really scared and i hope its nothing cuz sabrina never really gets sicks, jayson is the one that usually gets sick and when he does he "gets sick" so i wonder what she has is jayson gonna get it, cuz he's a horrible kid when he is sick, i just feel bad theres nothing i can do for poor little sabrina, then jayson slept for a really long time and thats unsual for him so maybe he is getting sick, but hes up now and wont go to sleep and its way passed his bed time and all he is doing is in there talking and playing and he just wont sleep so i wont go to bed untill he goes to bed then i have to stay up tomorrow with them cuz jay will be in vegas for 2 days and well i am just really nervous, so ya, i don't know i am not worrried about how much sleep i get, cuz thats what being a mom is all about, staying up when ur children don't wanna sleep or if they are sick to the point it has u worried, but either way everything should work out it always does just with a little stress involved with it. so ya,.....

tomorrow is my days birthday well today its after midnight and hes gonna be 67 years old my dad is getting old and i just wish he would stop working but its not gonna happen any time soon adn well he just wont listen to anyone i hopeing that his health hangs in there untill he decides to quit, but who knows when that will be he said he wants to work another year so he can pay off his truck, but i said to him that he should get enough in his checks to pay the payments each month but u can't tell my dad anything but who knows.

my mom is going back to work finally. she is going back to work at Dillard's She use to work there a long time ago and they are re hiring her back which is good cuz she needs it and i think it will help my parents relationshiop a lot, i think they are stressing to much cuz my mom isnt working but i am just happy for her.

jay is doing okay he went to the doc and they have him on this meds for this bumb he has and well i hope everything works out for it cuz i dont want him having surgery, cuz thats not what we need right now but who knows crap like that comes at times when familys dont need it,

me i am doing okay, i am surving i am trying not to stress jay out he has enough and he is working hard and well i love him to death, i have still having headaches but i just let them go, to me there is major things to worrie about them my head hurting all the time but its okay, at the moment i am not gonna worrie about it unless somthign serious happens which i know wont so nothing to worrie about, but i tired but when is that nothign new i have to kids, and 2 cats and i can't seem not to get caught up on my house, my house always seems to be dirty i just wish for once it would stay, well i better go little man is banging in his room and i need to see whats goign on and then i need to check sabrina ill update later......

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

pics from this weekend!

pics from being at katies house :P

Brina at katies she was having a ball i need to cut her bangs
Little man was so tired but he just wanted to keep playing, and the kids love hanging out with katie exspecially little man i love katie to death :P

its been a long week/weekend

So we finally i think have our internet straighen out and i re did my computer but its been acting a little screwie lately and i don't know why, i really want a laptop for xmas LOL i am tired of this desktop LOL.

So ..... i am glad the got this stupid internet fixed, its nice not getting kicked off every 10 mintues LOL, it was a pain in the ass LOL but its fixed now and i couldn't be happier.

So i just got home last night from being gone for 2 days, it was a nice time away from the house but little man was acting up a little bit but that's nothing new with him , but we had a break thru he ate french frys and stuff while we were gone and that was great i was so happy for him LOL
then i went to the mall and hung out there all day on sunday and i tryed some really nice cloths on and i went down in pants size i am so happy i could cry LOL, i cant wait to go cloths shoppign that will be hella fun, then yesterday i went to my bestfriends katies house and that was hella fun i haven't seen her in forever and the kids had a blast and so did i, i miss hangign out with her and austie but its okay ill get to soon, if we ever move lOL, probably not LOL., so i have pics ill be posting soon lol, anyways i gotta go trying to install sum crap and it needs me to close this so ill write later


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

more internet issues

So you think they would get it right by now but they haven't so since we have gotten this new interent its kicks us off every 20 minutes and frankly its freaking annoying and then Jay went to download this file for the game, I need to do it but i am waiting. and it took him 5 hours to download it and they said it should have only tooken 45 mins and frankly they told us its the modem and they are sending someone out today and well were waiting for them to show but i got the house clean, and well its already kicked me off 3 times this mornign and well it sucks:P but who knows hopefully they will get it straighed out, but turns out our old company did go under they sent jay a email this morning sayign that out cable company took them over and i already figured it out that they would and frankly, i think its pretty crappy how they did it leaving us hanging out there with no internet and crap but i guess thats how companys are oh well i am not stressing on it as long as he get some freakin sold internet ill be happy!

Little man said some new words today, he says thank you now nad he says hi louie and oh yeah, jay laughs at him when he does the oh ya, he says hes drinking to much koolaid cuz he talking like the KOolaid guy!~ lOL I think its really really cute :P

so we think sabrina is gonna be a veggietarian , cuz she doesnt eat meat we have to make her eat hot dogs she refuses to eat any kind of meat and i think thats gonna suck if she is one cuz well i lvoe meat but ill follow any choices she makes on that but i think she is still to little to make those choices so jay wants to give her protien shakes to give her protien which will work for me cuz i want her to get her protien she needs it cuz she it a growing child but who knows LOL :P i still think she is still to little .

SO little man finally ate by himself last night it was a cookie but it was somthign LOL :p i am excited for him hes on super slow mode but who knows :P

SO i really really want a laptop, i hope i get one for xmas but who knows i probably wont LOL :P

so ya.

i better go i got sum things to do ill write later


Monday, October 13, 2008

hmmmm... long day

Well i ended up going to bed at 3:30 cuz little man ended up being sick all last night and it wasn't fun but it was like a 24 hour bug cuz he's fine now, and then i got up a 5:30 t0 turn off jays clock then woke up at 6 to take care fo the kids and well i didn't really get that much sleep last night but its okay, i didn't really do to much if i drank soda or coffee i could use some cuz man i am kinda tired LOL, but i am so happy jay comes back tonight YAY!

so today was a tough day with the kids cuz they were up last night and they were tired and hecka grouchy and well that just made today hecka hard and well it wasn't fun and now they are all wound up and it sucks sigh!

But i guess thats what having a 2 and 1 year old is like sigh LOL......

so i thought i would share some recent pics of the kiddies and myself LOL ill them in a sec, well i better go before they kill them selves they chasing each other and jumping on the couch :P

I sit up at 2:00 in the morning

So i sit up at 2 am, not tired well i am but i can't sleep i dont like not having jay here, i wish he was, i have never liked being home alone, but it has to be done, i have been trying to get things done, and trying to keep busy and well i ran out of things to do, but who knows, and the kids, were really buggin me today and i don't know why, i mean, i love them dearly but i just don't understand why little man is so hard, i mean it get me down and i just dont like it at all, thats the kinda stuff that makes you feel like a faliure as a mom, since going to bed at 8:30 he has woken up at total of 10 timese for either being cold, falling out of the bed, wet, need a million drinks and so on man i wish he was more like sabrina who just sleeps when she suppose to.

so i sit here today and i felt alone and i hate that feeling and it bugs me, i miss jay i wish he was here but he has to do what needs to be done, hes doing all this working to get out us out debt in a few months and we might be able to get ahead, and live nicely and frankly that would be great, i would love not having to stress about anything and i know it would be great for jay and it would make him happier and i love everything he does, and even tho i hate not having him here its goosd for him cuz he can get away from me and the kids even tho hes working its still a break from us cuz even tho i know i am stressed at times he needs his breaks to and i understand that we all need them and with him working to get us ahead is more understandable now we just need to get out of this crap hole and everything will be great !:P
I love him dearly:P

My mom is doing okay, she still hasnt gotten a job yet and i dont think she is going to be able to cuz of the way the crappy economy is and we can thank our crap head of a president, bush man i hate that guy but i personally think that were gonna get another crap head of a president, i frankly hate obama and i dont want him as president, i am going for good old mcaian( however its spelled), but i truelly wanted hillary as president but its not gonna happen cuz the men in this world are not ready for a women a president and couldn't handle a women having that much power it would frankly freak them out and just couldnt handle it maybe in the next 4 years it might happen but who knows i honesntly think that a women president wont happen just cuz of how sexest the men are in this world and it will keep her from being presdent, i think if she was he wouldn;t be in this shit hole were in now but that just my opionion, but man i am so tired of this debating let just pick the crap head and get it over already and watch the world crumble. oh well......

my dad is doing okay i think he should quit his job he is told old to be doing what he does and i think its to dangerous, hes already retired from a job but he wont quit cuz he loves money to much and well i dont blame him LOL :P

so i have some big gifts on my xmas list i want a laptop, and a car, haha big huh? but you know what i am not gonna get either oh ya i also want a house LOL hehe but i can wish, but ill settle for boxsets, dvd, books and cloths but theres nothing wrong with wishing ......


Saturday, October 11, 2008

ahh its been a long and boring 2 weeks

Well 2 weeks ago I was on the internet, just doing what i usually do, and then it just went down well to me thats nothing new here in mesquite and with the company we have its nothing usual so i did the usual of turning it off and turning it back on, and nothing helped well to find out that mesquite was out, and then, the next day it was up except for our house, well to make a long story short we just got it back last night after 2 WEEKS like come on thats un real it shouldn't have taken that long :P

Now, lets see what else is going on, um, i drove on the freeway the like last weekend, and that was nerve wreckon, i was so freaked out, but i am also proud of myself, i screwed up a few times but it happens, but i really really want a car, i hate driving that truck its so hard, i would love to have a little cute 4 door car LOL. but its a wait and see.

then last night i had a party over at shauns and Pam's house it was a jewerly party and well no one came, but thanks to pam her one friend showed it wasn't a total bust, and well, i can't stress about it its over with and now ia m trying to get online orders LOL, buggin all my mommy friends.

Okay so the weather in mesquite is nuts, last few days is was like 85, today its like 55, and i am freezing it might not be helping that i have all the windows and doors open but i am goning to closed them cuz its soo cold then i have a feelign that in like 3 days its gonna be 85 again and then my kids will be sick. oh well its exspected :P

Lets see, i am kinda sad that jays has to work in vegas and i have to be alone on sunday nights but it has to be done, i thinks its gonna be hard cuz i am not really gonna see him and then on tuesdays hes gonna wanna sleep and well its exspected, i just hope he doesnt get sick or over work himself.
I can't wait to leave this crappy condo. it so small and everything is closing in, nad well, i am to the point that i really dont care what the house looks like i just want a house, but i have to wait, i am just getting tried of all my friends seeming to be getting stuff and were scrapping to get buy i just don't get it and frankly i dont think i will ever get it. our kids need a back yard, thats what i really want for them.

SO our aniversary is coming up and i dont know what were going to do since our day is on halloween and i want to take the kids trick or treating so i dont even know if were gonna have time to our self, i want to get jay something be he wont tell me what he wants he says nothing but i want to get him somthing and i just dont know what to get him. oh well i figure it out.

well i better go, i need to close the windows LOL
chat again to all my reader :P

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I started this

So my friend out here in mesquite told me about this site, and now 2 hours later i have kinda figured it out. its a more of a place to express what's going on and how i feel.

so let me begin....... Last night i got no sleep thanks to my son, because he has this nasty diaper rash on his butt, he was up every hour last night screaming and I ended up waking up every hour with him trying to calm him down.

I relized that he had the diaper rash when we got home of me driving and being out... ha ha let me start on my driving....
okay so i have never had any intrest in getting my liceance but since being a mom, i need it so jay told me about 2 weeks ago that i was gonna get it. well i study my little heart out and i passed my permit test but i am like really scared of driving that truck, i seem to get a little better each day i do it, but its still nerve recking, I really wished we had a car. but who knows if i am ever gonna get one, but it will be nice if i get calm with driving, and then i pass the test and be free to go any where LOL :P

then sabrina, lets see i need to get her potty trained she is just really diffacult with it, and i seem to be failing at it, and she now has this little attitude and just doesn't want to listen and it gets really frustrating at times but i really hope it passes but from what i heard it doesn't :(.....

ahhh my days as a mom, i hope tonight is a better night:)