Saturday, October 11, 2008

ahh its been a long and boring 2 weeks

Well 2 weeks ago I was on the internet, just doing what i usually do, and then it just went down well to me thats nothing new here in mesquite and with the company we have its nothing usual so i did the usual of turning it off and turning it back on, and nothing helped well to find out that mesquite was out, and then, the next day it was up except for our house, well to make a long story short we just got it back last night after 2 WEEKS like come on thats un real it shouldn't have taken that long :P

Now, lets see what else is going on, um, i drove on the freeway the like last weekend, and that was nerve wreckon, i was so freaked out, but i am also proud of myself, i screwed up a few times but it happens, but i really really want a car, i hate driving that truck its so hard, i would love to have a little cute 4 door car LOL. but its a wait and see.

then last night i had a party over at shauns and Pam's house it was a jewerly party and well no one came, but thanks to pam her one friend showed it wasn't a total bust, and well, i can't stress about it its over with and now ia m trying to get online orders LOL, buggin all my mommy friends.

Okay so the weather in mesquite is nuts, last few days is was like 85, today its like 55, and i am freezing it might not be helping that i have all the windows and doors open but i am goning to closed them cuz its soo cold then i have a feelign that in like 3 days its gonna be 85 again and then my kids will be sick. oh well its exspected :P

Lets see, i am kinda sad that jays has to work in vegas and i have to be alone on sunday nights but it has to be done, i thinks its gonna be hard cuz i am not really gonna see him and then on tuesdays hes gonna wanna sleep and well its exspected, i just hope he doesnt get sick or over work himself.
I can't wait to leave this crappy condo. it so small and everything is closing in, nad well, i am to the point that i really dont care what the house looks like i just want a house, but i have to wait, i am just getting tried of all my friends seeming to be getting stuff and were scrapping to get buy i just don't get it and frankly i dont think i will ever get it. our kids need a back yard, thats what i really want for them.

SO our aniversary is coming up and i dont know what were going to do since our day is on halloween and i want to take the kids trick or treating so i dont even know if were gonna have time to our self, i want to get jay something be he wont tell me what he wants he says nothing but i want to get him somthing and i just dont know what to get him. oh well i figure it out.

well i better go, i need to close the windows LOL
chat again to all my reader :P