Wednesday, October 29, 2008

day 2 of giving meds

so i have came to the conclusion that my son is the most diffcult patient in the world you have to hold him down hold his legs and his arms grab his face and shove the meds in there trust me i have got a wait to do it LOL. i feel bad everytime i have to do it, so ya. but it has to be done. so he wont poop for the pooie test hes like holding it in now, sabrina still has dihrahha, so i dont know, and well i am not worried cuz i know she will get better i hope,

today is jays friday, i am excited he is off for a few days for halloween and our special day tomorrow i have to go grocery shopping so that will be fun :P lol
i think i am gonna get there costumes tomorrow too :P i can't wait for halloween :P hehe i am hecka excited thats cuz i am probably getting all there candy ,.....

so guess what, i lost 2o pounds i am no longer in the 200's i am hecka excited, and i want to make it back to my weight in high school/ before i had sabrina which was 148 so thats my goal
only 50 punds to go.. LOL i think i can do it, then ill be hot again lol not like i am not hot now :P i am so excited :P heheh i wanna be skinny again so i can wear hot mamma stuff :P then ill feel good about my self at the moment i feel really good for losing weight, kinda wanna go cloths shopping :P

so ya i had to share that news, haha everyone ask whats my plan, wanna know, one meal a day LOL, and lots of water to fill you up, i only really eat dinner, some days i have to eat more then once, cuz i get dizzys and headaches but hey if its working i am not complaing is not like i dont eat i forget to eat LOL, ill feed the kids, clean, play wow, and i just forget LOL.

so jay is really sick now, i new that was going to happen cuz we are really sick and no matter who you are if were sick in this house and your hear your gonna get it, lol, so ya, hes taking meds trying to feel better, my chest is still killing me and i am really tired and my nose and head hurt man i hate being sick but the knock out pills are great to take at night slept the whole night didnt even hear little man crying LOL i was tired, hehe but i needed it i have been up with them the last couple of nights for like 3 nights untill 3 in the morning so i needed sleep, so ya, ....

little man doesnt have his temp anymore he just really has a bad cough same with sabrina but she also has dihrahha, so i hope they get better soon, they still really cranky kids but i dont blame them i am cranky to when i dont feel good but i still have to keep going to take care of them so ya,

anyways i am gonna go for a while i write later