Tuesday, October 21, 2008

its been a long week/weekend

So we finally i think have our internet straighen out and i re did my computer but its been acting a little screwie lately and i don't know why, i really want a laptop for xmas LOL i am tired of this desktop LOL.

So ..... i am glad the got this stupid internet fixed, its nice not getting kicked off every 10 mintues LOL, it was a pain in the ass LOL but its fixed now and i couldn't be happier.

So i just got home last night from being gone for 2 days, it was a nice time away from the house but little man was acting up a little bit but that's nothing new with him , but we had a break thru he ate french frys and stuff while we were gone and that was great i was so happy for him LOL
then i went to the mall and hung out there all day on sunday and i tryed some really nice cloths on and i went down in pants size i am so happy i could cry LOL, i cant wait to go cloths shoppign that will be hella fun, then yesterday i went to my bestfriends katies house and that was hella fun i haven't seen her in forever and the kids had a blast and so did i, i miss hangign out with her and austie but its okay ill get to soon, if we ever move lOL, probably not LOL., so i have pics ill be posting soon lol, anyways i gotta go trying to install sum crap and it needs me to close this so ill write later