Monday, October 13, 2008

hmmmm... long day

Well i ended up going to bed at 3:30 cuz little man ended up being sick all last night and it wasn't fun but it was like a 24 hour bug cuz he's fine now, and then i got up a 5:30 t0 turn off jays clock then woke up at 6 to take care fo the kids and well i didn't really get that much sleep last night but its okay, i didn't really do to much if i drank soda or coffee i could use some cuz man i am kinda tired LOL, but i am so happy jay comes back tonight YAY!

so today was a tough day with the kids cuz they were up last night and they were tired and hecka grouchy and well that just made today hecka hard and well it wasn't fun and now they are all wound up and it sucks sigh!

But i guess thats what having a 2 and 1 year old is like sigh LOL......

so i thought i would share some recent pics of the kiddies and myself LOL ill them in a sec, well i better go before they kill them selves they chasing each other and jumping on the couch :P


Shailen said...

Hi, Jessica. Shailen here. :)
I intend to visit you many times.
My blog is written in portuguese, but I´ll be happy if you visit me sometimes.