Sunday, October 26, 2008

one day can tun into a diaster

so, when i went down to visit katie it seemed like the kids got sick, little man was running a 103 fever then it finally broke then sabrina got sick and it lasted for 2 days and she was better well tonight was zoa's birtheday party(pam and shaun's daughter) and sabrina was feeling great before she left she was cranky cuz she got a crappy nap but she wasn't sick at all, well, she went to the party, and she i guess had a blast but as soon as she come home she turned for the worst, i mean, she is coughing, and having trouble breathing, and she is in pain, and her temp shot up its got me scared, and then jay has to be gone for 2 days so i hope she gets better, i am really worried about her, she is finally sleeping on the couch, i dont get it, she was fine, happy not sick at all be fore she left and now she looks bad, really bad to where i am scared and she crys of pain and thats got me worried so i do what any mother would do i sit up and watch to make sure she is calm, and okay, i want nothing happening to her, i am just really scared and i hope its nothing cuz sabrina never really gets sicks, jayson is the one that usually gets sick and when he does he "gets sick" so i wonder what she has is jayson gonna get it, cuz he's a horrible kid when he is sick, i just feel bad theres nothing i can do for poor little sabrina, then jayson slept for a really long time and thats unsual for him so maybe he is getting sick, but hes up now and wont go to sleep and its way passed his bed time and all he is doing is in there talking and playing and he just wont sleep so i wont go to bed untill he goes to bed then i have to stay up tomorrow with them cuz jay will be in vegas for 2 days and well i am just really nervous, so ya, i don't know i am not worrried about how much sleep i get, cuz thats what being a mom is all about, staying up when ur children don't wanna sleep or if they are sick to the point it has u worried, but either way everything should work out it always does just with a little stress involved with it. so ya,.....

tomorrow is my days birthday well today its after midnight and hes gonna be 67 years old my dad is getting old and i just wish he would stop working but its not gonna happen any time soon adn well he just wont listen to anyone i hopeing that his health hangs in there untill he decides to quit, but who knows when that will be he said he wants to work another year so he can pay off his truck, but i said to him that he should get enough in his checks to pay the payments each month but u can't tell my dad anything but who knows.

my mom is going back to work finally. she is going back to work at Dillard's She use to work there a long time ago and they are re hiring her back which is good cuz she needs it and i think it will help my parents relationshiop a lot, i think they are stressing to much cuz my mom isnt working but i am just happy for her.

jay is doing okay he went to the doc and they have him on this meds for this bumb he has and well i hope everything works out for it cuz i dont want him having surgery, cuz thats not what we need right now but who knows crap like that comes at times when familys dont need it,

me i am doing okay, i am surving i am trying not to stress jay out he has enough and he is working hard and well i love him to death, i have still having headaches but i just let them go, to me there is major things to worrie about them my head hurting all the time but its okay, at the moment i am not gonna worrie about it unless somthign serious happens which i know wont so nothing to worrie about, but i tired but when is that nothign new i have to kids, and 2 cats and i can't seem not to get caught up on my house, my house always seems to be dirty i just wish for once it would stay, well i better go little man is banging in his room and i need to see whats goign on and then i need to check sabrina ill update later......