Tuesday, October 28, 2008

to the doctors we went

So i ended up having to make appointments for me and the kids and well that was fun fun, we went today, first off they made mine at 8 in the morning so i get up early we go, and they tell me that i missed my appointment cuz the craphead over there made it for yesterday and i was like no, why would i make my kids today and mine yesterday so i ended up having a appointment at 10 and they took the kids at 11, well turns out that i have bronchitis again, and then the kids, well she said they have a virus, but she doesn't know what it is, so she gave us a antibothic , but tells us not to give it to them untill i do this poopie test, what a mother will do for her kids, LOL, and then she said they cant have juice with sugar, no milk, they have to take children diamatapp, and then they have to drink just pedilight cuz they have really bad diharrha, so its been fun here, and this doc is just way to extreame for me, i think she is trying to just rack up our bills i mean why give us meds that we can't give to the kids and the kids are getting worst not better, and my chest is hurting like mad, and now jay is sick , man i hate it it just really sucks but theres nothing i can do its gonna happen and oh well its okay,

so my mom didnt get that job she thought she was getting and well she is very sad about it i could tell in her voice today when she called me to tell me and to ask how the kids are doing but ya, i feel for her,

so sabrina is 29 1/2 pounds and 37 inches tall, she is hella tall and skinny and little man is 25 pounds and 34 inches tall he is following behind his sister LOL, so ya i am gonna go take my knock out meds and go to bed i have a long day of cleaning and trying to get the kids well i have to give them the 2 meds 3 times a day and the one i cant get on me or ill get sick cuz i am allergic to gotta love the pink crap in the bottle that heals everything LOL, well everything that doesnt involve me taking it, LOL,....... so halloween is in like 3 days i am excited we havent gotten costumes yet but we will, so ya i ll have pics of that to post, so ya ill write later