Wednesday, October 15, 2008

more internet issues

So you think they would get it right by now but they haven't so since we have gotten this new interent its kicks us off every 20 minutes and frankly its freaking annoying and then Jay went to download this file for the game, I need to do it but i am waiting. and it took him 5 hours to download it and they said it should have only tooken 45 mins and frankly they told us its the modem and they are sending someone out today and well were waiting for them to show but i got the house clean, and well its already kicked me off 3 times this mornign and well it sucks:P but who knows hopefully they will get it straighed out, but turns out our old company did go under they sent jay a email this morning sayign that out cable company took them over and i already figured it out that they would and frankly, i think its pretty crappy how they did it leaving us hanging out there with no internet and crap but i guess thats how companys are oh well i am not stressing on it as long as he get some freakin sold internet ill be happy!

Little man said some new words today, he says thank you now nad he says hi louie and oh yeah, jay laughs at him when he does the oh ya, he says hes drinking to much koolaid cuz he talking like the KOolaid guy!~ lOL I think its really really cute :P

so we think sabrina is gonna be a veggietarian , cuz she doesnt eat meat we have to make her eat hot dogs she refuses to eat any kind of meat and i think thats gonna suck if she is one cuz well i lvoe meat but ill follow any choices she makes on that but i think she is still to little to make those choices so jay wants to give her protien shakes to give her protien which will work for me cuz i want her to get her protien she needs it cuz she it a growing child but who knows LOL :P i still think she is still to little .

SO little man finally ate by himself last night it was a cookie but it was somthign LOL :p i am excited for him hes on super slow mode but who knows :P

SO i really really want a laptop, i hope i get one for xmas but who knows i probably wont LOL :P

so ya.

i better go i got sum things to do ill write later