Thursday, November 27, 2008

the tree and cooking:P

so i sit up at this moment waiting for pies to finsh i thought i would share the day today, so we got up at 8 and the cooking began, well jay did most of it, i am not the big cooker on the holidays i am the one who does the cleaning but i did help with the green bean cassorole, (gross) lol, and then i made cookies, and i made little mans meal, mac and cheese cuz thats what he only loves to eat, so ya, today was a cooking day, we had thanksgiving with our family today, we had the dinner and everything, tomorrow we have to leave at like 7 and we have to visit 3 peoples houses pictures will be coming on that one, but then today we finshed the tree and it looked greated i decided on orange lights cuz i love orange and we used the stuff from last year i might get a few new bulbs but will see LOL, but the kids had a blast they were so excited it was great and i was happy, nd thats what matters, so i have pictures to share enjoy:P

Click to play Tree fun:P
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Rick and Alma said...

What an awesome scrapbook, Jess!! The kids looked like they had a lot of fun decorating the tree. :)