Tuesday, November 11, 2008

life still goes on :P

so since taking the kids trick or treating they think they need candy like all the time, and well that's just not happeing, so ya they are hyper but oh well they are always hyper, LOL, then lets see jay had 3 days off that was so nice to spend time with him and have him home lOL, so ya, then lets see the game comes out in 2 days so i am so i am hella excited LOL, yay i can't wait and i know jay is excited to, demon will be pimped she already is LOL :P

nothing new really is going on here, um i dont know what were doing for thanksgiving , and when i find out ill right but after thanksgiving i am gonna put our tree up and i am so excited LOL :P
so ya:P

well i gotta go clean my kitchen:P