Friday, October 23, 2009

frustrated and thoughts on things

You this week lots of things have frustrated me, from home life to my kids, but i let it go, somethings i just dont understand anymore, and it frustrated me, i mean how many times must u tell a kid to pee in the potty its like talking to a brick wall, and i am to my witts end with him, sabrina is doing good she is sleeping and not peeing in her bed and i am so proud of her it makes me happy and thats what i need right now, i mean after all this frustrating crap stuff like that makes me happy and stuff like this is what being a mom is all about.

so halloween is coming up and i am excited to a point, i mean i havent even started thinking about it yet adn what i am going to do, i will be married 4 years on halloween and i am happy about that and i dont think were doing anything since its halloween and we will be doing the day for the kids but oh well thats how it goes....

then after halloween i have my driving test and well i hope i pass i know it will make lots of people happy but mainly it will make me happy its what i need, its what i want, and i hope i can pass damnit i know i fucking can i just hate our truck but if i think of it as a escalade it will be great.

My dad seems to be doing okay with the lost of his daughter he dont really want to talk about it and i dont blame him i dont talk about it either its not my place, but other then that i am fine. nothing is going on, i had fun at fright dome i had fun speading the day with hubby need more of them, want more of them wish for of them but oh well, it was also very upsetting, i mean they say all this saw crap and and there was one thing,but i did see micheal myers and that was cool he was tall but still scary. and i cryed on the chaos cuz I HATE that ride but i was more worried about hubby i seem to worrie about others more then myself but thats how i am. but i had fun but not wortht the money could have bough something else.

anyways i have been depressed lately mainly personal issues i have with myself but oh well ill deal with them i always do, i thinik if i get my liceance ill go to the gym, might as well feel hot again, need that feeling havent felt that in a while but oh well, i mean i liked to be back to the size i was in school, i will say i was pretty smoken back then HAHAHA .. ya anyways moving on.....

so brina birthday is coming up soon and i dont know what i want to get her, i know that if i get my licance i want to put her in dance class and maybe go back to school or do online school so i am more then just a mom, and have something else behind me, i think being a party planner/wedding planner would be cool, or being a nurse might be fun but ihate needles so no, but who knows havent thought of it much, but this year is almost over and there has been lots of deaths and i hope next year is better and i hope to have a car and licance to go room room, well i better go i have a headache,