Tuesday, October 20, 2009

lots going on

Well were finally get back to normal after all the deaths we have had, we had hubby's sister, my sister then hubbys mom. but were finally get passed and doing normal things, first off, hubby and i had a date night we went to fright dome i was so excited it was saw themed well, we got there and guess what, it wasnt worth it there was only one saw thing, so i was sad, but i had fun being scared and riding the rides it was a good night not having the kids, then i got my permit re instated and guess what i take my test next month on the 23 at 2:00 i am so scared but everyone says i can do it and i know i can, so then, we also have halloween in 2 weeks and hubby and i will be married 4 years yay. i am excited about that man life has been crazy and really busy the last month and its not gonna settled down untill april LOL..

well thought i would update its been a while its cuz i forgot my password LOL and with everything going on its been hard to keep up but ill up date more i promise.

anyways better go.