Sunday, July 12, 2009

very sick

so later i will blog about my trip, but right now i want to write about whats going on, few days ago i woke up not able to hear or and have trouble breathing and coughting and i thought it was bronchitis well sabrina got sick too and jay said he didnt feel well either, we wel all went to the the quick care in vegas and that was fun and 1/2 took forever, jay was getting sick so they have him meds to stop it, sabrina has the flew and a ear infection and i am the worst of it, i have a breathing issue that they said that the doc in mesquite should have cought it and gave me a inhaler for it, they said i have asahma, adn that thats why when ever i cough it hurts my chest and turns into broncthits, they said that i was haveing issues breathing in the place so they have me 3 meds, and a treatment cuz they were worried i am on 3 bottles of meds and a inhaler so i now have to find a doctor to make sure i get this checked out, i feel like crap, i cant hear, barely talk and my chest is killing me, oh ya they also told me on top of all this breathing crap i have the flu, lucky me, little man is getting sick now but i am giving him meds and he is getting better, sabrina is getting better, jay is sick, and i am worst, i hate this i hate being sick i just freaking sucks, but now i am worried with this breathing stuff, sigh what to do :(