Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have learned that people change. some for the good some for the worst. i am tired of the people here in Vegas. iam tired of my so called friends. or the people who are dying to be my friends just plain getting on my nerves. i am tired of the smile in you face one minute. you don't exist the next minute,i am tired of the texts here and there and then nothing. or text me bitching how i am not the friend i should be. DAMNIT back off. i am only one person. iam me. i am annoyed. i am angry. i am frankly finding new people to talk to. i am deleting my phone contacts. and friend list and starting over. people here are shit. so you want to treat me like shit ill treat you like shit. let see who will win.

now to thos who i am not angry with. don't take this to heart. don't think i am aiming this at u. if you do then your a fuckin retard. cuz unless i say your name its not about you....... so if i get a text from anyone saying this was about them i am frankly deleting it....

i am really annoyed. hurt. and angry...

not the day..