Monday, April 27, 2009

got hella good news

Well its been really crazy the last few weeks and its going to get more crazy, lets see i was really sick which sucked that hubby had to take time off to help watch the kids and i had to go to the doc it was so bad, then hubby has been trying to get this manager postion thats is in vegas with sams club and we was doing well with all the interviews but guess what..............................
HE GOT THE JOB, meanig that i am moving back to vegas in less then 2 weeks, so he is down there today find crap about and meatign everyone in his new store, and finding a place and i really hope he finds a house i really want one and he knows it damnit i deserve one. so ya. i am excited he is finding out today if we have to be in vegas in 2 weeks, or if he has to work 2 weeks here then we move but i think we have to be there in 2 weeks, then starting today at 7 am, they are fixing all kinds of crap in my condo, adn tearing holes in my walls, so there is plastic on my carpets and were living in a bubble. so ya... then if we have to pack thru all this its going to be insane but its all worth it, cuz we get to go back to vegas, dont get me wrong i like mesquite, but they need more here, and i ill be closer to shops and stores and my friends and if we get a house ill be super happy and i wont stress as much and its a good things, but i hope hubby can handle it all but i know he can he is really good at what he does and i am so proud of him that he was able to get his job i new he could i believe in him and its a great thing:P
i love him so much and i am so happy but yet stressed at the same time but in due time ill be back in vegas in my new home, and ill be happy:P
ill keep everyone posted to let everyone know whats going on so you all are updated :P